• SD Schneider

Redneck Riot Coyote Derby

The 2016 Redneck Riot Coyote Derby will be held January 29 to January 30. The hides of the Coyotes will be taken and sold at auction with the money raised going to an organization in the local area voted on by the participants at teh event.

The derby helps to dispose of animals that can cause significant damage for farmers and people living in rural areas. While the idea of a derby makes it seem like there will be an all out slauther, that's definately not the case as the coyote is one of North America's most resilient predators.

Jamie Senyk & Tyson Chaban, the derby's organisers would like to see this become an annual event and they say sponsors have stepped forward to provide some top notch prizes. As for rules, there will be a 100% payout, 2 person teams and a $50 entry fee. Teams may be expanded to teams of three with a youth under 16 on the team.

Competitors have from sunrise on January 29 to 6pm January 30 to collect their hides with the prizes based on weight. Anyone can enter. However, they must be present in Melville at the weigh in to win. Every coyote taken must be tagged and appear in a picture with the shooter who kills it.

Anyone interested in taking part must call or text either Tyson Chaban at 306-795-7437 or Jamie Senyk at 306-730-8358

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