Melville Chamber of Commerce Proposes Disbanding

Earlier this month the Chamber of Commerce directors proposed that the City of Melville Chamber of Commerce should cease operations and dissolve the organization due to dwindling membership and a serious financial position.

"The Chamber is faced with dwindling membership and ​a ​serious financial position​. Thus the Chamber of Commerce Directors are recommending to the Membership that the Melville & District Chamber of Commerce cease operations and dissolve the organization." says Harvey Kormos Chamber Director and 2016 City Council Election Candidate.

60 member businesses are listed on the Chamber's website, of which many are not businesses that reside within the city of Melville or have ceased operations in Melville in the last couple years so these numbers may not be very current.

"we are not in the red yet but will be soon.As in all groups it is harder and harder to find help for these volunteer groups." continued Harvey Kormos.

I don't have the numbers but as far as active members just a few. I would love to see this change as i feel it very important for our city to keep the chamber going." Kormos explained when asked about the current total of active members.

The Chamber board of directors currently has 8 members on it's board of directors, these positions include: President: Joe Kirwan, 1st Vice Chairperson: Terry Sieffert, 2nd Vice Chairperson: Edward Sagan, Past President: Tammy Oryschak, Director: Linda Council, Director: Jenn Mann, Director: Harvey Kormos and Office Manager: Joanne Kirwan. Three members of the board of directors are running for city council in October 2016, these include: Joe Kirwan, Harvey Kormos and Edward Sagan. All of which are running for a spot on city council.

The current Melville & District Chamber of commerce president and city council candidate Joe Kirwan could not be reached for comment on the current financial situation of the chamber of commerce at the time this article was published so stay tuned for an update on this story as it develops.

The next Melville & District Chamber of Commerce meeting is taking place a on Tuesday, September 27th, 2016 at Melville Community Works at 7:00 PM, this meeting is open to the public to attend.





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