AD: Introducing Vortex Skates by Verbero™

Experience cutting edge design and materials. Composed of state of the art aerospace grade carbon fiber, the Vortex skate’s handcrafted, ultra lightweight, one piece construction will astronomically improve your performance, propelling you above the competition. Dominate the ice with our Shadow Steel runner and pro stock tendon guard for superior ankle protection, customizable button tongue and Kevlar laces that offer outstanding durability.

Verbero™ has taken extra steps to create a product that performs exquisitely while withstanding grueling hours of on-ice action. Our antimicrobial Quilt Comfort Liner blocks odor from infiltrating the skate. The Vortex also features our Weeping Vents on the outsole for exceptional ventilation and the Foundation Footbed for a supportive yet comfortable fit.

Verbero™ is committed to providing players with elite level gear at an amazing value. Take back your game with the Verbero™ Vortex Ice Skate.


FULL CARBON, ONE PIECE BOOT The Vortex skate is constructed of aerospace grade carbon fiber, engineered to the highest quality standards, bringing some of the worlds most advanced technology and materials to hockey. Never before has such a high grade of material been offered in a hockey skate at this value. The one piece, full carbon design offers superior control and responsiveness, delivering a natural and intuitive feel on the ice. The pro stock stiffness of the boot ensures an enhanced level of performance.

SHADOW STEEL RUNNER The Verbero™ Vortex features Shadow Steel runner forged of the finest ultra lightweight steel with our Shadow finish for a formidable impression.

QUILT COMFORT LINER The soft, quilted liner of the Vortex skate is treated with an antimicrobial formula to prevent bacterial buildup. The liner not only stays fresh, but maintains cushioned comfort even after countless hours of skating.

WEEPING VENTS An outsole with strategically placed Weeping Vents, along with the antimicrobial liner, make the Vortex the cleanest skate you'll ever own.

CUSTOMIZABLE TONGUE Snap up with a customizable button tongue that allows you to effortlessly reposition and replace your tongue, giving you an extremely personalized skate.

FOUNDATION FOOTBED Secure and stabilize your foot for control without sacrificing comfort.

OVERSHIELD STEEL TIPPED KEVLAR LACES Skate with the strongest laces in hockey. Military grade, steel tipped Kevlar fiber prevents the laces from fraying and tearing.


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