Digital X-ray Upgrades in Five Rural Hospitals

X-ray equipment in five rural community hospitals is being upgraded from film to digital images, supporting quicker diagnosis and improved care for patients. The Saskatchewan Health Authority is in the process of digitizing the x-ray equipment in Lanigan, Rosthern, Wadena, Watrous and Wynyard. It is anticipated that full implementation, including equipment upgrades and renovations, will be complete in fall 2018. Digital images can be quickly shared between physicians and specialists across the province. A diagnostic interpretation by a radiologist can then be provided within minutes. This eliminates the need to transport film images to be read by a radiologist, which can take days. The Government of Saskatchewan contributed $500,000 to upgrade x-ray equipment from analog radiography to digital radiography in these five sites. The remaining $500,000 in matching funding (approximately $100,000 per site) was provided by local health foundations to cover the costs associated with the equipment upgrade, infrastructure and renovations.

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