La Loche Dene High School Renovations Finished

Finance Minister Donna Harpauer joined Northern Lights School Division students, staff, families and community members today in La Loche to mark the completion of school renovations as the community continues to heal. The renovations are in response to the tragic shooting that occurred at Dene High School in January 2016 and include the front entrance, staff and administration rooms, junior science room and the student lounge and adjacent washrooms.

Funding was initially provided in 2016 to begin design work for the renovations. Once the design was finalized, a tender was issued in the fall of 2017 and construction began in early 2018. The total cost of the project was $4.45 million, which was provided by the Government of Saskatchewan.

Northern Lights School Division Board Chairperson Joey McCallum said. “We will never forget those who were injured and those whose lives were taken that day. The addition and renovations project is now complete. It is a beautiful space that will be treasured for years to come. Thank you to the Government of Saskatchewan for your role in making this a reality. Thank you to our students and staff, both past and present. Thank you to parents/guardians for supporting our children.”

The Government of Saskatchewan continues to be actively involved in providing services and supports in partnership with Northern Lights School Division, Ducharme Elementary School and Dene High School, the Village of La Loche, Clearwater River Dene Nation and the federal government that focus on the needs of children, staff and the La Loche community.

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