The First Tesla Supercharging station in Saskatchewan can start construction in Moosomin this summer

The first Tesla Supercharging station in Saskatchewan can finally start construction in Moosomin, Saskatchewan.

The Tesla Supercharging station would have five charging units and be located on Lake Avenue, at the Red Barn parking lot’s east end. Future additions may include Superchargers for Tesla Semis.

The Trans-Canada Highway remains Tesla’s goal for Supercharging stations, which can charge Teslas significantly faster than traditional electric car chargers. Tesla’s current Superchargers map shows a wide gap in coverage for Saskatchewan, Manitoba and western and central Ontario.

CEO Elon Musk recently confirmed at the company’s recent Tesla Y unveil Superchargers were indeed underway in Saskatchewan. The company currently has the following locations destined for Superchargers in the prairie province:

  • Chaplin, SK (coming soon)

  • Maple Creek, SK (coming soon)

  • Moose Jaw, SK (coming soon)

  • Moosomin, SK (coming soon)

  • Regina, SK (coming soon)

  • Swift Current, SK (coming soon)

  • Wolseley, SK (coming soon)

The company recently announced its V3 Superchargers, which can add up to 1,600 kilometers of range. These high powered Superchargers will eventually upgrade existing units to allow Tesla owners to charge must faster than before.

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