Highway Name Changes At The Regina Bypass

Name changes are in the works for new highway infrastructure near the City of Regina. The final phase of the bypass project continues on time and on budget and is scheduled to open at the end of the month. This includes the route from Highway 1 West to Highway 11 North, with overpasses at Hill Avenue, Dewdney Avenue, 9th Avenue and Highway 11. This section of highway will be known as Highway 11. It will extend from the current Highway 11 in the north to the interchange at Highway 1 west of Regina.

The south route from Highway 1, west of the city, will include new interchanges at Highway 6 and Highway 33. This will be known as the new Trans-Canada Highway or Highway 1.

The Regina Bypass is the largest transportation infrastructure project in the province’s history. The Government of Canada, through PPP Canada, is investing up to $200 million in the project. For the latest traffic restrictions related to the Regina Bypass project, please follow Regina Bypass Partners on Twitter @reginabypass and regularly check the Highway Hotline at www.saskatchewan.ca/highwayhotline. For additional information or questions, visit www.reginabypasspartners.ca or call 1-844-679-4828. A weekly highway construction update is also published on https://www.saskatchewan.ca/residents/transportation/highway-construction-projects/weekly-highway-construction-update to provide the travelling public with the latest details on projects underway to help plan safe and efficient travel. You can report a highway work zone signing problem by calling 306-244-5535. The Government of Saskatchewan has invested $9 billion in transportation infrastructure since 2008.

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