Saskatchewan’s Tobacco Control Act To Limit Vaping To Protect Youth

The proposed amendments will be consistent with the majority of provinces that have vaping legislation and will follow existing Saskatchewan tobacco legislation restrictions. 

The amendments outlined in Bill 133 will: 

restrict the sale of vapour/e-cigarette devices and products to individuals 18 years of age and older;

prohibit the display of vapour/e-cigarette products in a retail business where young persons have access;

restrict the use of vapour/e-cigarette products in and around public buildings, including schools and school grounds, in the same manner as our provincial tobacco legislation;

prohibit the sale of vapour/e-cigarette products from specified facilities such as amusement parks, arcades, and theatres where youth frequent;

restrict advertising of vapour/e-cigarette products in the same manner as tobacco products by prohibiting advertising signs and promotional signs in areas where young people can enter;

provide the ability to restrict the sale of flavoured tobacco and vapour products by regulation; and

expand the authority of tobacco enforcement officers to include enforcement of vapour/e-cigarette product restrictions.

The Government of Saskatchewan believes that the proposed amendments will help decrease the number of Saskatchewan youth accessing or using vaping products. If passed, the amendments will come into effect in the Spring of 2020