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Moosomin family has deportation order cancelled

A Moosomin family facing deportation is rejoicing after they received news they can stay in Canada.

Just days before being deported to Honduras, Victor Santos his wife Lesi Hernandez and their two boys have been given a life line.

They found out their deportation order was cancelled during a rally where hundreds of people in Moosomin, Sask. came out to support them.

“I believe in life now,” Victor Santos said.

The family came to Canada after Victor says he was threatened after witnessing a murder in his home country of Honduras. When he got to Canada, he applied for refugee status but couldn’t prove his safety was in jeopardy. This lead to a subject to removal order.

The community of Moosomin found out and came together to help in any way possible.

“We formed an advocacy group of four or five people… We worked really hard to get through. As the deportation date came closer, we had our local newspaper the ‘World Spectator’ do stories on this family, and through there it just took off,” Russell Sugloski said.

“We will definitely be working hard on this family, we won’t give up now.”

“Moosomin… the people here make a difference, the people here believe in families and believe in human rights,” Santos said.

Santos has been working as a tire technician and Hernandez works at Co-op.

Over $4000.00 has been raised to help the Santos’ pay for legal fees. Since they moved here in 2011, the family has paid over $25,000 in legal and immigration fees.

As news settles in that they can stay for two years, there is still lots to be done. The family has a pending long term application on staying through humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

Whatever happens next, the Santos’ know it won’t be without the whole community behind them.


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