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6am to 9am = M's Morning Madness

8:27am = Today in Rock Music

9am to 12pm = @ Work with Big D

2:27pm = Today in Rock Music

1pm to 4pm = The Afternoon Grind w/ M

4pm to 7pm = The Adrenaline Drive

7pm to 8pm = Indie Hour

8pm to 9pm = 2021 Top 10 Countdown

10pm to 2am = The Night Train

2am to 6am = The Graveyard Shift

6am to 12pm = AM Mayhem

11am to 12pm = Rock Talk w/ Dominic Forbes

1pm to 3pm = Weekend Rewind

3pm to 3:30pm = Heart of the Rink

4pm to 6pm = Canadian Rock and Roll

6pm to 7pm = Audio Ink w/ Anne

7pm to 8pm = Under the Radar

8pm to 9pm = 2021 Top 10 Countdown

9pm to 12pm = Hard Rock Nights

2am to 6am = The Graveyard Shift

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